Earn more, while you work less?

Do you recognize this?  You are not (yet) a manager, but still you have the feeling that you have to manage all kinds of employees close to you to make sure that you can do your job properly. You do need the help of one or more colleagues on a regular basis and because you are not a manager, you cannot address them from a hierarchical position. Sometimes you have the feeling that you are always last with your request for help. As if all managers are helped first and only then you. It often happens that you perform the activities you wanted to delegate yourself. Even the simple tasks, which you shouldn't have to do yourself for years now.

Fortunately, that doesn't have to be the case. You too can ensure that you get the support of the colleagues that you need, so that you no longer have to do the simple tasks yourself, but can continue to develop, so you earn more salary and remain attractive for the job market, while you work fewer hours.

The great thing about being a professional is that you are not (yet) a manager and therefore you are not expected to be able to manage, but that you can work on your management skills so that you can use them to get the support you need from your colleagues. After all, you too have human resources (colleagues) at your disposal that can help you achieve your objectives. Without having to work harder yourself. On the contrary, the better you arrange it, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goals and the less you will have to do yourself.

However, it does require good Human Resources Management

Hardly any professional succeeds in this. In general, they think Human Resources Management is only about employers and managers. But nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone has private or business people (human resources) around them, who you will have to manage if you want them to do what you want them to do.

If you don't do that, you are forced to do a lot of work yourself that you shouldn't have done yourself for a long time. As a result, your development will stop, your salary will (almost) no longer rise and your job market position will gradually deteriorate. 

You run the risk at some point of being overtaken by a younger colleague or suddenly being confronted with your employer's wish to fire you because you no longer have sufficient added value. Not developing yourself is not an option for you as a professional. You will have to continue to develop yourself in order to remain attractive for the job market. 

Do not worry. Things can be very different.

Just like you're good at your job, I'm good at Human Resources Management.

I look at how you are currently organizing your Human Resources Management and how this can be improved.

Because there is always room for improvement in Human Resources Management.

It is the easiest way to ensure that you can continue to develop yourself, earn more salary and remain attractive for the job market. All you have to do is identify whom of your colleagues can best support you and how you make sure those colleagues want to support you.

Best of all, you don't have to do this on your own. I can help you with that.

Together we'll determine whom of your colleagues can best take on which task and how you can make sure that they actually want to do it.

So that you only have to occupy yourself with the tasks you want to occupy yourself with. Because you know that the other tasks will be done by a colleague.

You have a lot of time to spare, because you don't have to do so much yourself. The time you have left, you can spend on fun activities with your family and friends. Often you will spontaneously come up with good ideas for your work. How you can become even better at your job.

You can turn those ideas into reality, because you don't have to carry them out on your own. After all, you have secured the help of your colleagues.

Meanwhile, you continue to develop, earn more salary and remain attractive for the job market.

More about my background

Human Resources Management is my core business.

My name is Kenneth Horsch and I have been exclusively involved in Human Resources Management for more than 20 years.

In those  years I have relieved many managers by making sure their Human Resources Management is in order.

Kenneth Horsch, HRM strategist at 4 Eye Principle

More about my background

My name is Kenneth Horsch. During my first academic year I studied the law as well as Human Resources Management. In the course of my first year of study I set up a decor company together with an artist. That company became soon successful, so we needed staff and I couldn't do two studies in addition to that, which forced me to choose between studying the law and studying Human Resources Management. I then made the choice to study Human Resources Management, because I could immediately apply that to our staff in practice. However, my interest in the law has always remained.

When I graduated for my study Human Resources Management, I found it necessary to first learn at large employers how to apply good Human Resources Management in practice. I did manage our company's human resources, but that was mainly done through the trial and error method, so it was really a matter of failing yourself forward. I no longer wanted that. That's why I quit the decor company and learned at major employers such as KPN, Stork Fokker Elmo, Rabobank and BT (formerly known as British Telecom) how to do good Human Resources Management.

From the beginning I have known that I eventually wanted my own company again, because I am a real entrepreneur. For more than 10 years I have learned a lot from working for large employers. I wanted to share the knowledge and experience I gained there with others, so that they do not have to use the trial and error method to make themselves better at Human Resources Management. That method is so slow and costs so much time, money and negative energy that it is not exactly fun to have staff. Personnel causes a lot of hassle. While that is not the case with good Human Resources Management. Then you can earn more, while working less hard.

Because Human Resources Management is inextricably linked to employment law, I started looking for an employment law attorney I wanted to work with. Then I ended up with Ilma van Aalst. I have been working with her since 2010 and I really like that. She meets all the requirements I set for an employment law attorney. She is also very pleasant to work with.

I performed activities for many clients, including: